Wednesday, December 29, 2010

[FIND] Vice - Lisbeth Salander

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, who Played with Fire and Kicked the Hornet's Nest
from the novels by Stieg Larsson

The four-foot-eleven, twenty-something, heavily inked and pierced, ass-kicking Lisbeth Salander has a serious axe to grind.

The backstory: victimized as a child by a sociopathic father and a sadistic psychiatrist, Salander has learned to trust no one and to take justice into her own hands. 

In adulthood, Salander becomes a covert researcher. She is known in the hacker underground as a computer wizard with a nearly photographic memory. She uses her mad skills to earn a living doing investigative work for a security firm. 

Her combination of extreme wariness, fearlessness, and tech genius has equipped Salander with a singular ability to exact justice and fend for herself. From fighting off large and numerous attackers and raining down a hellfire of punishment upon anyone who harms her to embezzling a fortune and using it to disappear at will, Salander is as capable and fierce an adversary as you would never care to meet. She takes no prisoners.

If you are unwise enough to $#@% with her, you may quickly find your bank accounts drained, your credit rating decimated, your assets frozen, and an exploding milk carton in your lap. To her enemies, she's a typhoon of whupass in a petite, ripped, punk-rock package. To her friends...actually, she doesn't so much have friends.

The Cocktail

James Hensley, manager of that inimitable speakeasy, The Patterson House, offers his take on the perfect drink for our diminutive detective, that tiny whirlwind of mayhem. A match to the garnish converts this tasty beverage to a relatively harmless version of the Molotov variety of cocktail. 
The Dragon Tattoo

2 oz     Vodka
3/4 oz  Lemon juice
3/4 oz  Ginger Syrup
1/2 oz  Cherry Heering
13 drops Kubler Absinthe.

Place all ingredients in a shaker and shake. Strain into a collins glass with a single large shard of ice. Top with club soda and stir two times. Garnish with  a large piece of ginger candy with a Luxardo cherry on top. Put three drops of Absinthe over the cherry and set it ablaze.

The Cigar
La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Chiselito 

Filler: Dominican Republic 
Binder: Dominican Republic 
Wrapper: Ecuador 
Length: 5" 
Ring Gauge: 44 

Looks can be deceiving. 

Lisbeth Salander, as a consequence of her formative years, has an accidental sagacity and thick-proved skin that allows her to be a dangerous, desired asset. She ain't bad to look at. Some might describe her with the archaic "firecracker," but that is a misnomer. She's stronger. 

In choosing a cigar, she wouldn't be deceived by the numerous huge cigars that are a transference for some closeted men. She would smoke the Chiselito--as small and deceptive as she is. The cigar is small and looks good, but the ligero makes it extremely strong. It has more pepper and spice than some people can handle. You would eat before you smoked it for fear of turning green, or stomach turning. It's a pleasant kick in the ass. 

Lisbeth would probably smoke it between cigarettes on an empty stomach with a little black coffee for 
sipping. It is the cigar for someone with enough resolve to dig herself out of her grave.

by Joe Zike, UPtown's Smoke Shop

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