Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Address Change for [FIND] Investigations

[FIND] Investigations has a new address: 

[FIND] Investigations
P. O. Box 120086
Nashville, TN 37212

One of my favorite recollections from growing up in a small town is walking with my dad to the post office. When school was out my dad would haul me to his office on Main Street and let me hang out for the day. It didn't matter if it was 100 degrees and steamy hot or 6 inches of snow and tooth-chilling cold; Tom dressed accordingly, lit out the door, and strolled down 14th Avenue to the intersection of 14th and Osborne to gather the post. 

This daily ritual was a social affair. We'd stop by Gibby's and chat, trek over to the bank and have a coffee, walk an extra block down to Simmons' Shoe Store and spend a few minutes chatting with Bill, one of my mentors. The walk, the ritual, the time spent sharing time seems to be a rapidly disappearing memory, an anachronism. 

Well, here at [FIND] Investigations, we celebrate the anachronistic. Each month we highlight a fictional PI, usually some gumshoe from history. We do not hide from the widely-held perception that this business is somehow more fun than it should be. Our new post office is exactly 1.98 miles from the office. The walk takes us past our favorite coffee shop, along one of Nashville's oldest boulevards, and by some of our best friends' houses and offices. In short, it's perfect. 

I made the stroll down 12th over to Belmont this morning. There was no snow on the ground, but it was tooth-chilling cold. Next time my dad's in town, I think I'll haul him to the office and let him hang out for the day. Maybe we can make the hike to the post office together, drop by my buddy Austin's office for a cup of coffee and a few minutes of chatting. 


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