Monday, March 28, 2011

Sartorial Sleuth

I'm not a style maven, but I do like to dress like a grown-up. I try to, at the very least, put on a sports coat and even...sometimes...wear a tie for evenings out. I like men's style and have been known to surf style blogs like and the sartorialist. 

I do not mind paying good money for a pair of shoes or boots that look classic and will last for years. Likewise, an extraordinary tie or scarf, or even a colorful pocket-square. I have been known to spend too much money for a suit or the odd-jacket. I have never, however, considered paying more that $50 for a pair of jeans, until now. 

I just acquired my first pair of Imogene and Willie's jeans, and they are (I am compelled to admit) fantastic. Seriously fantastic: conceived or appearing as if conceived by an unrestrained imagination; extravagantly fanciful; marvelous. Yes, these indigo denim pants are on a whole new plane of coolness. 

I do not usually go in for the whole hipster thing, leaning more towards classic style, but I think these dark blue hipster pants might just go perfectly with a nice Zegna blazer and a pair of Peal and Co cap-toe derbys in mid-tan. 

If you find the time, drop by and visit my friends over at Imogene and Willie, tell them the Sartorial Sleuth sent you. 

Watch your email in-box for the April edition of the Monthly Ledger, due out the first part of next week. 

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