Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Congratulations to our friend and fellow PI, Amber Kaset

I just happened over to a fellow Investigator's web site this morning. If you have a minute and want to see a brilliant PI web site, click here. Amber Kaset, of AK Investigations, is a friend and a highly talented investigator. Her specialty is criminal investigations. Her website is a breath of fresh air. I particularly love the sidebar where she posts testimonials and references. My favorite quote is from attorney Laura Dykes, who says of Amber, "If you ever wanted an investigator who could 'pour piss out of a boot without looking for directions on the heel,' she's the one."

From a marketing perspective, Amber's use of the first person active voice is strong. Welcome to the business Amber. Again if you have a minute, click on over to www.akinvestigate.com.

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