Thursday, January 21, 2010

Farewell Robert B. Parker (1932 - 2010)

A dear friend and mentor stopped by my house several years ago and dropped of the book Double Duce, by Robert B. Parker. Now, my friend and mentor is a writer of some acclaim, and I trust his literary tastes. He’s referred me to Thomas Merton, Graham Green, and John Le Carre, to name a few. This gives you some idea of the breadth of my friend's leaning when it comes to the written word. So I never question my friend’s book suggestions. I just pick them up, dive in head first, and read.

Robert B. Parker was a departure for my friend, but right inside my wheelhouse. I fell for it. I love plot- driven thrillers, can’t get enough of them. I burn through the pages sometimes one book a day (when on vacation). I did that with Double Duce, finished in one day. Only problem was, I was supposed to be working that day. Oh well.

Robert B. Parker’s gift, his purpose here on earth was to write dialogue. No one did it better. Natural, easy, clever, smart, Parker had it all. Jesse Stone chatting with his shrink, Dr. Dix,... nothing short of poetry. When planning a long surveillance, a day sitting in the car for hours on end, I’ll often turn to Robert B. Parker’s books on CD to help the time pass.

Check out the NPR remembrance of Parker here.

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