Friday, December 18, 2009

Tradecraft Holiday Wish List IV


A vital component of intelligence-gathering and surveillance is maintaining open lines of effective communication. Cell phones (equipped with a headset for moving surveillance) set up to handle three-way calling can work for many situations, but other circumstances demand an excellent two-way radio. The difference between a kids' toy for paintball games and a professional communications device for investigators is vast, a lesson we had to learn the hard way. Here's the product we eventually chose:

Motorola PR400 handheld professional two way radio

($517 Retail)

When it comes to mission-critical communications, there’s no choice but to go with the best quality you can afford. We researched two-way communication options for 6 months. We consulted with friends in the FBI and the Nashville Police Department. In short…we looked high and low.

Finally, after trying consumer-grade hand-held radios bought at the local hunting mega-store, we contacted Stan Duke over at Wireless Solutions. Stan patiently considered our operational needs and led us to the Motorola PR 400. It’s a simple, easy-to-use hand-held and, best of all, we can use it over a community repeater employing itinerant frequencies, assuring relatively secure communication and coverage for the entire metro area. Throw in a set of covert surveillance headsets, and we’re ready to launch our three-man moving surveillance team into action, rotating the pursuit vehicle seamlessly via radio, our subject none the wiser.

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