Wednesday, November 4, 2009

FBI "Agent X" Trains [FIND] Staff at Firing Range

Say hello to my leettle friend.” –Tony Montana, aka “Scarface,” whilst launching a grenade from an M16 

South Florida conjures images of tropical rot, of beauty and decadence, of moral chaos. Admit it, if you’re over thirty, you most likely sum up the place mentally in terms of the Miami Vice opening credits: a racing Ferrari, bikinis, flamingoes, pastel hues, a glittering skyline, a cigarette boat ricocheting off the waves. Maybe there’s a little Scarface imagery mixed in there.

We at [FIND] are no different. And we found some, but not all, of what we expected.

Ferraris cruising South Beach. Check.

Gorgeous creatures in bikinis. Check.

Flamingoes. Nope, mostly iguanas.

Thomas H. Humphreys in pastel t-shirt with white blazer. &$%# no.

We did, however, say “hello” to one of the U.S. Government’s little friends: an M4 carbine that our FBI contact (henceforth to be known as “Agent X”) let us open up in a Miami firing range. 

Being a rather petite person with small hands, I found the Ruger .22 pistol somewhat more manageable. The Glock .40? Fuhgettaboutit. Too much gun for me. But with "Agent X's" guidance I managed to put plenty of .22-sized holes in the bull's eye (and a burn on my chest as a spent casing flew down my shirt--high comedy).

However, it wasn't easy to concentrate with the M4 carbine (pictured) blasting away like a cannon in the cubicle next to me. So, needless to say, I had to try the M4 out for myself.

Niiiiiice. Barely any kick, relatively easy to handle, even for a small person. Hello, Little Friend.  

The best thing "Agent X" taught me that day? The gentle squeeze. After I shot up a few targets, with middling results, he had me practice squeezing the trigger of an unloaded pistol ever so slowly with a spent casing resting on the back sights. The exercise: pull the trigger without dropping the spent shell. It made all the difference. 

I love great teachers.


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