Monday, October 19, 2009

In Today's News...

First, we learn from our confidential source that baby formula routinely disappears off the shelves at the chain drugstore she manages on Gallatin Road.

Then our expert Joe LaRocca of the National Retail Federation tells us that baby formula is the most common item reported stolen by their grocery store retail members.

Now this: 

Not an hour after finishing the previous post about our investigation into shoplifting along the Gallatin Road corridor in Nashville, our Marketplace editor sends this, from "Webwire": 

Parsippany, New Jersey – a woman absconded from Walgreen’s with $150 worth of baby formula only to be run over twice by her getaway van in the pharmacy parking lot as she tried to escape...


Aside from being run over twice by the very van in which the baby-formua pilferer had planned to flee the scene, what concerns us most is that her injuries were described as "mostly minor." 

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